Assisted Living Facilities 

How does CitrusPure benefit my assisted living facility?

We provide additional protection and peace of mind to residents, guests, visitors & employees. We demanded a product that would be safe, and non-toxic, based our history of residents with breathing issues, allergies, even on ventilators & using oxygen machines. A toxic spray would not be effective. We created a non-touch fogging service to add an extra layer of protection giving you ultimate peace of mind. 


Our residents frequently have appointments in hospitals, where over 650-thousand people contract viruses during a hospital visit every year. They also visit surgery centers & rehabs. When COVID-19 hit, many assisted living facilities that had patients test positive, had to send remaining patients to other care homes all over town. Care homes were taking sick people into care homes to be around the most vulnerable. CitrusPure was created for this exact problem. 


Our service helps family, friends, therapists, specialists and doctor’s that are all coming & going from different care homes daily.


Our employees are the ones who are with the residents day in and day out, the ones taking care of them. We want to keep each employee feeling we are doing everything we can to help thrive in a safe environment.

Our Services


CitrusPure solution is carefully distributed through an ultra-low-volume fogging system.

The microfine droplets immediately target airborne pathogens, viruses and other germs.

Thorough Clean

Natural, organic, non-toxic product that we could safely use around nursing homes, children & safe for animals.

 Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria that are easily transmitted.


Skilled Professionals

Our family of cleaners is highly trained to identify the most important areas in your home, or business.

Expect your cleaners to be prompt, and courteous.

Easy Scheduling

Offering: One-Time, Weekly, or Monthly.

Citruspure makes it easy to enjoy our effective cleaning. Bringing peace of mind, our guarantee to do everything we can to make our service convenient for you!

Find the best system for your needs!


Look What Our Clients Are Saying!


“It has been hard to see my residents struggle without visits from family and friends as well as other activities they usually engage in. The service has been fantastic! We are hopeful as we work together as a community to protect our residents and strengthen families as we navigate these unusual times.”

- Julia

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