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How to Use Fog Machine without Remote? 

Citrus Pure brings you practical solutions and protection against germs. The fog machines produced by them successfully emit microfine droplets that target the airborne pathogens, viruses and other germs present in the air. 

What is a fog machine?

Fog machines are nothing but a machine that generates smoke/fog. This device emits vapor in the form of fog and smoke. You will find plenty of fog machine types, from industrial usage, entertainment fog machines, training, military purposes. 

Usually, a fog machine is used for the following purposes:

  1. for entertainment purposes.
  2. professional uses
  3. industrial applications
  4. training 
  5. military utilization     

 The price range of fog machines ranges from expensive to cheap. Citrus Pure is one such website that offers cordless fog machines and disinfectant sprays at best deals. 


How is the fog formed in the machine?

When you put any kind of liquid, glycerin-based fluids, or oil, the machine starts creating a vapor property. This vapor is automated inside the fog machine itself. After the automation, the moisture inside mixes with the air outside, thus creating a noticeable dense fog to emit outside. 

The liquid substances that you put inside the fog machine should be placed with utmost care.  The spray constantly lingers in the air, so you need to give it some time to allow the solution to settle down and start working.

Before you start using a fog machine, here are some instructions to use it safely:

  • The first thing is to know the correct placement of the machine because people may stumble and create unwanted accidents. 
  • Keep the fog machine at a distance from the crowd, in a place where it can be visible enough to people. 
  • Keep warning signs near the Fog machines. 
  • Set the fog machine so that it is away from flammable substances and areas that are vulnerable to fire. 
  • Also, ensure that it is kept in a place you can easily access and constantly check on it. 
  • It should be placed away from the smoke detector. Otherwise, there are chances that it may be switched off. 
  • You need to be very sure to use the right kind of cleaners, disinfectants, and whatever liquid you are using in it.  

Can one use a fog machine without a remote?

Now comes the question of our day. If you have a fog machine with a remote and have lost or damaged the remote, there are a few methods for making a DIY remote for your fog machine. 

Apart from that, Citrus Pure has this fantastic collection of ten different cordless rechargeable fog machines. And trust me, these fog machines are by far the best options to go for if you are looking for the best quality at the best prices.

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