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A disinfectant system created with the most vulnerable in mind

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About Our Solution

Natural, non-toxic, all-purpose disinfectant enhanced with aromatherapeutic essential oils.

Kills 99.9% of the germs in the air and on surfaces in your home and business.

Safe for the most vulnerable; children, pets and the elderly.

EPA, CDC approved ingredients.

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About Our System

No-touch disinfecting, immediately target airborne pathogens, viruses and other germs.

Take back control of your environment, with an industrial quality fogger.

Perfect for all purpose use, bringing peace of mind.  

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Cleaning Concentrate

XPOWER F-16B ULV Fogger Battery Operated Cordless Fog Machine

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“It has been hard to see my residents struggle without visits from family and friends as well as other activities they usually engage in. The service has been fantastic! We are hopeful as we work together as a community to protect our residents and strengthen families as we navigate these unusual times.”

- Julia

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